Let Legacy recommend a pest management plan that best fits your needs. 

Residential Termite Management

$599.00 +tax

When the presence of termites are observed, Legacy uses a contained treatment safe around children and pets.  

Other Wood Destroying Insect Management


Carpenter ants, Carpenter bees and Powder Post Beetles can cause damage to your home. Let Legacy make a plan to manage these pests too.

General Pest and Rodent Management

$149.00 +tax

Have pests? We can help. Call now and we will come up with a solution for pest management in your home.

 Residential Termite Monitoring

$599.00 +tax

Don't have termites? Changes are they are already somewhere in your yard or nearby. Keep an eye open and know that the best defense is a good offence. Let Legacy install a monitoring system around your house and catch them early. 

Mosquito Management

Service by quote only

Take your yard back. This is a service Legacy offers in the summer months to help you take back your yard and patio.

Description of Services

  • Termite monitoring - Exterior visual monitoring system use to keep an eye out for subterranean termites. This can easily be watched by the homeowner but we still keep an eye on it. If activity is found a treatment is added to safely manage the colony. 
  • Exterior Pest Management - A chemical exterior treatment is applied to strategic areas known to reduce pests. This targets spiders, bees, wasps, and ants.
  • Interior Pest Management - A chemical interior treatment is applied to strategic interior areas known to reduce pests. This targets spiders, ants, and roaches.
  • Mosquito Management - Strategic exterior treatment with insecticides that are gentle on your environment offered in summer months. Targeting specific areas known to harbor mosquitoes. Enjoy you time outdoors and reduce the itch. Don't let this pest dominate your patio and yard this year. 

At this time, we do not offer any services for bed bugs.

Legacy Pest Control, LLC does not take any responsibility for damage from insects and/or rodents.

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